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Case Study #1 (Scope Development, Project Management, Process Safeguards)

​The Client manufactured an industrial chemical that was highly reactive and had the potential for sensitization of the local workforce. A solution was needed to reduce the potential for worker exposure and OSHA recordable incidents. TAS completed Scope Development and Project Management for a project which was implemented to successfully resolve this ($15MM TIC), with the project team also being awarded an internal company award.


Case Study #2 (Relief Valve Study and Installation, Project Management)

Client facility had a full shut down scheduled and had identified over 700 relief valves to be checked for proper sizing and/or due for recertification. A HAZOP had identified additional scenarios that needed to be checked with some of those resulting in new relief valve installations. TAS oversaw the completion of the engineering asset study and onsite installation project (738 relief valves being either installed as new or removed, recalibrated and reinstalled), safely, on time and on budget.


Case Study #3 (Process Improvement, Installation Planning and Oversight, Project Management)

Client’s facility required a significant increase in dust collection capacity and efficiency with the installation to be completed during an upcoming scheduled turnaround. TAS’s deliverable objective was to design and install 2 dust collectors that would provide ~4x the capacity of the previous units. This required substantial technical and executional effort as the units and structural supports were to be located on top of twin 165’ tall production silos, within a 1-day installation window. The TAS team identified various items to eliminate potential problems, and the installation was seamlessly completed within the window with no safety issues and on budget. The project was later cited as an example of good project management with excellent alignment between operations and engineering.


Case Study #4 (Due Diligence, Business Strategy, Sensitivity Analysis, Commercial Performance)

The client needed a new and improved approach to pricing and incentives within their Commodity Chemical Business as the industry landscape was changing rapidly due to a new and effective market entrant. TAS completed due diligence and a business review and then developed a revised pricing and monthly incentives model for the client. Upon deployment, the revised pricing model resulted in volume gains, with associated improvements in manufacturing efficiency and EBITDA. Implementation has also helped client maintain an advantaged sole supplier position with a key customer (valued at $6MM/yr).


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