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Case Study #1 (Scope Development, Project Execution, Cost Savings)

​The Client refinery site is one of the larger facilities in the US and sought operational improvements to reduce its costs. Utilizing Black Belt and Six Sigma techniques, TAS defined the scope of operational changes and established alignment with site-based project sponsors and change agents to ensure organizational buy-in and forward sustainability. The project roll-out was successfully implemented, and the resulting savings exceeded $9MM. Client leadership asked TAS to expand the program to other business units.


Case Study #2 (Due Diligence, Business Strategy, Commercial Performance, Negotiations Support)

​The Client needed assistance in performing due diligence and developing a strong negotiating box and value levers for a key upcoming negotiation involving contract facility services. The environment had become more challenging for the client, and securing the contract on preferred terms had shifted from a formality to a true negotiation. TAS’s team developed the negotiating box and value levers, and in doing so identified additional volume upsides as well as unique positioning value adds for the client. This resulted in a $12MM/yr contract for an extended term, with both contract value and duration above client’s target levels. This further positioned the client for discussions with multiple key accounts, with additional engagement by TAS to customize and replicate the negotiating box and value levers.


Case Study #3 (Cooling Tower Efficiency, Process Reliability, Performance Improvement)

​Client facility was having significant operational issues associated with the fouling of a 24,000 gpm cooling tower that was beginning to impact production. The TAS team engaged with both the vendor and operations to identify the root cause for the issues and an appropriate remedy. We identified a number of items that were substantially different from the design as well as additional streams that were causing the problems. TAS identified and implemented short and long term engineering solutions, allowing the unit to return to full rate in the near term and to continue at full rate on an ongoing basis.


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