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Case Study #1 (Due Diligence, Scope Development and Cost Savings)

The client facility had significant operating costs that it wanted to reduce. In performing a due diligence review, TAS identified a 3 MW power demand and significant waste heat stream as a source of potential value creation. TAS developed a scope for the installation of a steam turbine generator and associated boiler upgrades to allow the site to produce its own power at a substantial savings. The project resulted in a 1.25-year payback on a $5MM project investment.


Case Study #2 (Due Diligence, Operability, Reliability, Risk Mitigation)

Client requested an operational due diligence review of a potential investment, with TAS reviewing the technology being utilized to generate power at a prospect facility. The use of alternative power generation was key to the investment valuation and thus its operational reliability was the subject of our study. TAS did a deep dive of the technology, the operational history and the associated risks. TAS highlighted key viability concerns to be addressed during the negotiations, giving the investors a full view of downside risk and potential mitigation to enable risk weighting their offer prior to close.


Case Study #3 (Technical Due Diligence, Market Assessment, Transaction Support)

Client was considering purchasing a company and needed technical due diligence, feasibility review, and a market study to inform their decision. TAS reviewed global market and company sales data and analyzed competitive position to determine relative strength and future potential. TAS completed an operational risk review and technology assessment to determine the reliability of company operations and products. TAS factored its recommendations to account for the specific risk profile of the investors and their forward target thresholds for the business. TAS worked closely with the client to ensure deliverables aligned with expectation and completed its analysis ahead of schedule to give the client improved optionality.


Case Study #4 (Process Improvement, Scope Development, Project Execution)

Client needed to improve water quality for steam production as well as analytics used to determine and control the water quality at a coal fired generating station. TAS developed scope and project execution plans for a $3MM water quality improvement and monitoring project and validated design with site engineers and subject matter experts (water, instrumentation). TAS oversaw execution per defined scope, with project completed on time and on budget.


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